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cluding competitors such as Midea in the white goods industry, as well as Electrolux (Sweden), Bosch-Siemens (Germany) or Arcelik (owner of Beko, from Turkey).▓ Imagine that one of these global players want
s to build a new plant based on the latest Industry 4.0 technology.  Would they contract a company▓ owned by their competitor, which would share sensitive data with them?  Perhaps not,▓ in European competition
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ities would seem unlikely.There is a public debate in Germany over whether Berlin should allow Chinese companies to b▓uy German companies with industry 4.0 knowledge, since China could obtain industry knowledge of carmakers, planemake▓rs and other

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industries as their robots are linked to the network and▓ software of its industrial processes. Midea’▓s takeover bid for Kuka underscores Ch

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